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OVERCOMING Pain/Sufferage !

Pain and suffrage. 

There are only 2 types of basic pain. Emotional and Physical. I, like many others, have suffered both numerous times and some have physical pain constantly.

Other than constant pain like cancer, shingles, phantom digits, or bones pinching a nerve can cause, the human mind will not let us relive the actual pain sensation of a particular past event. We can relive the situation, better yet learn from it. We can wallow in the grief of the situation from the past or let it go. What our minds do remember is that last time we tried this it hurt, badly. So let's figure a different way of doing this or not at all.

You can remember hitting your hand with a hammer or pinching it in a door frame. You may have sprained it or even broken it. You remember it hurt, a lot. But you can't relive that screaming painful feeling you had when it happened.

Yes, I very much miss my Mom and many others that have passed in my life. Some way to young. Some suddenly. Some thru long term incurable illness. Rather than grieve my loss of their life. I celebrate knowing them and what they taught me. I still refer to my memory of them when looking at a difficult situation. What would Mom think of what I'm about to do; Bob, Rob, Janice?

So have faith. The Light is in you and with you. Reliving a painful event only returns us to grief unless we can remove ourselves to look at it and see if there was a positive we missed, a lesson to be learned.

I can tell you this as fact. If it wasn't for the trials I've been thru. I would not be the calming caring gentle nature that I am. I would be an overly emotional, throwing things in outburst, alcoholic.

So I ask. With all the suffrage you've been thru, what may happen that you can't deal with?

The Light has shown me many many times, over and over again. I can only comfort sometimes. There are some things that are simply out of our control.

So please, celebrate with me and the many Illuminati members. That we do love life. We actually can and do like/love (careful with narcissism :-) ) ourselves.

You are not alone. You're not the first nor will be the last to have harshly suffered.

Let your Light shine. Really! It is okay to not be miserable! Smile honestly and the people around you can't help themselves. They will smile back! It only takes a little room temperature water to cool the hot water. It takes volumes of hot water to heat room temperature water. A small gift can do large and wonderful things.

Light Blessings to all, Jairamon


Hermetics ~ my Interpertations Jairamon

Oct 4, 2018 at 2:24pm


Laws of Hermes aka Seven Laws of Hermetics

You have heard of these laws as the seven laws of Hermetics for a long time. They are composed of basic statements that are subject to interpretations

Here are my interpretations:

1. The law of mentalism:
 All of the Universe is connected by one universal mind. Everything we do is recorded in that universal mind and our subconscious is able to draw from it.  This is the basic law of learning lessons and not reliving them.

2. The law of correspondence:
As above so below. Of the macro in the micro. The ability to reason things out intelligently. All things interrelate.

3. The law of vibration:
 Nothing rests. Everything is moving. Everything has a vibrations. The more animated something the higher a vibration level the object has.

4. The law of polarity:
All things are dual in nature. Opposites are identical but different in degree. All things are balanced in their extremes of opposition.

5. The law of rhythm:
All things move at a rhythmic rate. Sine wave as it were. Ups and downs.All things move in a circular relation to each other.

6. The law of gender:
All things contain masculine and feminine qualities. All require both genders to survive and propagate.

7. The law of cause and effect:
No matter what you do it has an effect on someone or something. Push on a door hard enough and it opens. Tell a stranger to have a pleasant day and they may not be so angry at someone else. Tap your brakes and cut across three lanes on the interstate and you will effect a traffic jam behind you. This is the law most forget about and get smacked about the most with. This is the law that has invoked the ‘Three Fold Law’.

Light is within us all and all things in the known Universe and beyond!


First or troublesome Meditation is like a First Date.

 Oct 8, 2018 at 9:06pm

First time meditating or just can't get to Alpha, stuck trying to get into Theta? I'm not saying this will work for you but with your own modifications who knows?

Meditation is like a blind date. You go out to meet someone for the first time. You've no idea what's to come. At the end of this first date, if things went a little ok, you will at least have each others names, hopefully you already have phone numbers, know what each other look like, and if you paid attention you noticed: clothing, drink preference, the little things. At the end it was pleasant enough you choose together to meet again soon.

Second date. The initial basic unknowns are now known, so now your at a new starting place. You can order each others drinks, automatical sit on the preferred side of the table. The new events are jobs, health, a little more in-depth but still basic Intel. At the end we are getting along decently and friendly. You decide together to meet again soon 

Third date. We are at a new level. Starting to get a bit more intimate talk wise. You start talking about old jobs, old relationships, wants, life desires. 

We have all been through a similar scenario. We walk into a new job we notice it is a bit chilly. Next day we bring a sweater. We were at level 1 brand new knowledge. Now at level 2 we know what's to come so we were automatically ready for level 2.

Let's take this to meditation.
Pick a music that has a pulse that matches your calmed heart and breathing. Only use this music for meditation. Pick an increase. Only use this incense for meditation. For some it helps to have a lit candle just inside peripheral vision. Maybe get a light breeze over it to dance the candle very slowly. If you prefer comfy clothes do that to. But only wear that particular clothing when meditating.

Change clothes, if you need shower away the drudges of the day down the drain. Start your music, lite the incense. Etc. Always in the same order.

Sit relaxed and comfortably. Close your eyes mostly. You want to barely see the candle flicker. But don't look at it. Just relax and slow your breathing. If you need to go "Ohhhhhmmmmm" certainly do so. What ever helps calm.

If your mind goes blank, great. If not, next day try again. Don't concentrate, focus. Concentration takes way too much effort.

You've taught your brain that when this cycle of events occur your going to meditate. Every time you meditate your brain will get used to it. Soon you won't have to think about slowing your respirations. Your brain will do it for you. It becomes automatic response. Every time go through the same motions. It will become instinct.

You know when you see a company logo you automatically go Nike->Shoes or Addidas->workout clothes. These ad campaigns are designed to program you, so when you see this image you think that. Use that to program yourself.

Remember this! The only automatic function of the human body is digestion of food because that is a chemical reaction. Absolutely everything else is learned response. As part of survival it becomes instinct.

Every time is a new level. You've already established the meeting. So now when you sit, your brain is more than ready for the task. Eventually, yes this takes time and effort, you will reach Theta, your sub-conscience, the ID. It can be scary or revitalising. It's pretty much your choice.

The only way I can describe entering Theta for me is a sinking feeling in my stomach. Kind of the feeling you get when the elevator reaches the bottom floor. Your knees flex a bit and your stomach sinks a bit.

Some people have success with riding an elevator down or up. Open the door on each floor. Walk through the floor opening doors. The human brain is like a large filling cabinet or hard drive. There used to be a memorization task taught. You take a thought and file it away. Now you can take a thought. Ride your elevator to a floor. Enter a room. Open a cabinet you've labeled and file it specifically where you can find it again easily. Early day Monks, before the Guttenberg Press, were tasked from early age to build a castle in their mind filling the rooms with items to tag memories to 

After years of practice I've learned to move around while awake on the edge of Alpha. I can just imagine that elevator feeling and instantly be in Theta. People that are near me and are energy sensitive have said they can feel energy waves pulsing away from me when I hit Theta.

Everyone is different and has different needs. Modify to your own calmness.

It's the simple matter of 'brain washing' yourself.

Alpha=internalized conscience thought, day dreaming.
Delta=REM Sleep
Theta=Sub-concious. The ID.

With that I say adieu and pleasant meditation. NAMASTE' = I bow to the devine Light in you 

Be well, prosper well.


Larceny and alone?

 Sep 28, 2018 at 4:17pm


Many of us start to feel isolated when starting the Light path and Illuminati Global Agenda. We talk, well text, with others. Not quite the same as a phone call or meet-up. There is no emotion in a text, only what we supplant upon it.

People around you will see you happier, calmer, they get suspicious. I've been accused of taking good drugs or having a fantastic 'shrink'. It's neither, I actually like myself. I don't like the way I got here. Who would? It's not easy facing yourself. It's not easy taking responsibility. I'll tell you this! When it becomes your norm, it becomes natural and easy. One person accused my youngest daughter of being shy. I said "She's not shy! She's a Tarus. She just doesn't like how people treat each other". They gave me the goofiest look! 

Feeling isolated or alone is not lonely. I graduated high school with over 500 kids. I couldn't give you 10 of their names. I was never lonely. The Light is every where. Within everyone and everything. Because believing in yourself is uncommon, the people you hang with now is no longer a sane thing to do. So we reach out to social media. Praise for coming out to give us searching others a place to land 

I spent many years alone. Sure, there was the odd coven here and there but that always tended to have its own internal power struggle. I couldn't find a path that fit me so I created my own philosophy of life to be religious about. "BE Nice! Sometimes being nice is not talking to someone." 

I looked hard at the " no harm " dilemma. How can you go thru life without creating harm? You can't! You may not have intentionally meant to, but you have caused harm. You were late getting to work, rolled through a stop sign cutting someone else off. You didn't mean to, twas an accident. No bumps or bruises, that other fellow is sure upset he spilled his coffee. Let's go the other way. Car frantically zips thru traffic. Runs a stop light. You shake your head in disgust and maybe anger. What don't you know? Maybe their wife just went into labor or their child was in an industrial accident. Give yourself an anxiety break, you don't know why they are driving like that. There should be no anger. Cell phones and driving? That's a different animal. Then there is always your children. Preventing them from eating that cake before dinner. So I decided I could live with "Cause no intentional harm".

Another issue with us, is not taking ownership of others self caused drama. They don't like you not being miserable because they are. We aren't talking about our near and dear friends. It's the acquaintances. Then there are those that simply enjoy causing chaos. Is their life so boring? When you aren't affected they will go seek a different victim. You've heard them. They whisper, watch this! I'm going over to tell them this and they are going to be soooo mad. It'll be great! They wonder why you do things. What are you after? No one does things for others without a hidden agenda! Larceny is in their hearts not ours. Now we are more isolated. 

What we need to understand is that this is their thinking. They are still asleep. They've never been told is not okay to behave badly. They've only known that laughing at others and causing demise of others makes their friends laugh. They are all shallow and support each other. One day we hope that they will awaken. Know this though, some will always be followers. They like the false security. 

Be strong. Follow your Illuminati Oath with your pure essential being. It does get easier more natural. There are other voices out there. and Council22 is a great start. Miss V~ has wonderful words on her web page. By how you respond to people on social media, suddenly, out out the woods will come a Hand. There are 10's of thousands of us in this world, that have sworn to stay true and aide those coming in. This world we live that has become digitally smaller. 

Blessings, let The Light shine. 

They are watching out for you ~ Illuminati 

Light is within us all and all things in the known Universe and beyond!


 Nov 11, 2018 at 3:04pm

These words in the following essay are my words. This is not an Official Illuminati document. 

This may be a bit boring, however needs to be said and read. 

So many initiates ask what's next? When do task show up? How can I help?

First off is patience. This is one of the hardest lessons for the Y2K and Millennial generation. Video games move fast. Life does not. One of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed was under water. I sat calmly on the lake bed for nearly an hour. Not moving at all. Just breathing and watching. I didn't want to disturb the scene in front of me. I knew if I moved away the event would fail. A female Stripped Bass was building a nest for her eggs. It was absolutely an amazing event to witness. I drive a lot. 300-400 miles a day within a 600 sqr. mile area. I see many things along the road. If I don't have time at the moment I'll oft stop and take a photo later. One place, high traffic area, took me 4 years to take the shot. Patience. 

With patience you can observe. With observation you learn about all life in your world. About yourself. Another difficult event is looking at yourself. 

While you are practicing patience. Read. If you read something you don't understand. Ask. However, we are not here to tell you how to live your life. This is not an organized religion nor affiliated with one. We will get into that later here-in. All the information you read about The Illuminati and The Light is knowledge. How you use that knowledge is up to you. You may feel enlightened. You may very well be enlightened in knowledge. But in thought? In actions? That is up to you and how you apply yourself. For each it is a bit different so no one can tell you. Knowledge that enlightens you may help you meditate, feel self-worth, increase self-confidence. So you ask what's next? That is solely your choices. You want a guide book? There isn't one! Each person is unique. Together we are synergy. Your path is your path not a duplicate of another's. You will be noticed on how you act. How you speak in social media, etc. They, The Illuminati, are watching! 

Others are watching too. Spidermers. Anyone that wants you to buy things for an initiation is a Spidermer. Anyone posting "Join us to be rich and famous" is a Spidermer. Asking you to connect them them in What's App is a Spidermer. The rankings of The Illuminati are listed in the First Testament. What? Can't find the rankings? That's because there are none, there are groups. 

How to behave? How about simply "Be Nice!". Opinions vary and are not facts. Quit trying to control things that you don't have control over. Like other's opinions. Here are some facts. The Illuminati does not have an opinion on religion, gun control, and other such things. Read The First Testament. Then read it again and again. Read the Oath. Use it as a daily mantra. 

How can you help The Illuminati? Be nice! We aren't talking about altruism, martyrdom, or any such. Also sometimes being nice is not speaking to someone. Basically take no pleasure in another's demise. Don't create chaos in another's life. Do not cause intentional harm. Some display symbols of The Illuminati so people will ask about The Illuminati. Some post blogs, comment on Twitter, write articles on this forum, gather friends at coffee shops, etc. The one thing you can't do is buy your way in. No amount of money will make you more or less valuable to The Illuminati. 

The Illuminati's primary goal is the preservation of the Human Race. The Global Agenda. Have you read and signed the Oath? Is it your morning mantra? Following the Oath naturally makes you a better person. You being a better person helps others around you to be better. Humans are competitors by nature. Some seeing you doing better will want to try to knock you down. When you don't respond. They try harder. When you still don't respond they then may wonder why they can't push your buttons any more. They may ask you why? Or just start leaving you alone. They are sheep while your becoming a lion. Lions don't care much of the opinions of sheep. If they come around upon by their own accord more power to them. Don't proselytize. That generally just starts arguments. You may lead a horse to water, you can't make it drink the water. 

The Light. What is it? The simple answer is that The Light is the energy in everything in the known and unknown Universe. All things, people, places, and deities. The Light emanates from you and everything in the known and unknown Universe. Being introduced to The Light can bring euphoria and many other feelings of well-being. Don't confuse that with a religion although it can be a religious event. Broadcasting your Light from with in will brighten the world around you. 

What's next? You are! 

In Love and Light - Jairamon

Light is within us all and all things in the known Universe and beyond!


Your personal Maze of Existence

Nov 18, 2018 at 12:13am

Your Maze is created as you live your life each day. Your Maze may look similar to another's but each is unique. You can only see your Maze by looking back. In front of you are constantly changing paths and directions. Some will lead to dead ends other will cross another's Maze, some will lead you in directions in to unknown territories. 

Trials and Tribulations. As you travel through life every decision you make designs your Maze. No matter how minor. Every step you make, even without thought, is drawing your Maze. If your stuck in daily routines your making long lines. Living life will create a more complex design giving you more history to reflect upon growing and living life. 

Sheep don't like change. Their Maze will look very simple. A couple of turns when something major is purchased or a child is born, very few dead ends. Always the safe easy path. A Lion's Maze will almost look like a mess. Short sharp turns, hundreds of dead ends. Many choices made and changed. A Maze showing a fuller life. Exciting new adventures. 

Now that your with The Light and The Illuminati your Maze will start changing dramatically. You will start seeing dead ends before you run hard into them. As you now see the prior errors as learning tools for future events. You will see that people you were hanging around were keeping you static. New people you find will help push you forward. Helping you enhance your life. Learning from your past instead of reliving it. Can't state enough the importance of this. Stop reliving the past. Learn from it. Let The Oath guide you. 

The Oath is very important in your Maze continuous construction into brighter paths and shorter dead ends. Discovery of Knowledge: Pursuit of Enlightenment: Progress of Abundance: Unification: Preservation of the Human Species. The five sentences of the Oath seem simple when first seen. As you gain more Knowledge Enlightenment comes closer to you. You find more meaning in those five sentences. They are become a lifestyle. As you find yourself calmer in crisis. Life becomes more exciting and easier at the same time. No longer living in a fog. Wiser descicions are made. Abundance starts entering. You are now in a position to truly aide others. With that aide you are doing your part in preserving the Human Species. 

These daily adventures. As you travel with your new eyes and more focused thoughts projects and processes are easier. Recognizing mistakes sooner. Planning long term purchases better. Taking action instead of reacting. People you come across in the same mindset are helpful not harmful. A generally smoother lifestyle. 

Take your Illuminati Oath to Heart. The Light is everything and all things in our known and unknown Universe. Know your safe. They, the Illuminati, are watching. 

In Love and Light  § Jairamon

Light is within us all and all things in the known Universe and beyond!


Failures are steps to success!

 Nov 23, 2018 at 5:10am

Failure is Progress. Failure is positive. Failure is a function of fulfillment. Failure is a learning tool. 

Back in the days of door to door salesmen. A commission of say $100 for selling an item would be offered. Salesmen would know 1 of every 5 people would buy. Every 'No' they'd be happy about. That was $25 in their pocket. Each failure was a positive. Each failure was closer to a closed sale. 

When teaching people how to snow ski the first thing I'd do was teach then how to fall. Very important to not get hurt. Then how to get up safely as to not be heading uncontrolled down the hill. In most any sport if your not falling your not learning. Not a good thing to fall rock climbing or parachuting. 

As we continue to fail muscles learn, the mind learns. We then succeed. By learning from failure not reliving the failure. 

As infants. First we learn to crawl then walk. As we learn to walk we fell down 100's of times. Even now we at times fall to the ground. Learning to walk a bit more balanced on slick surfaces. 

In business we are oft afraid of financial failure. But with failure comes new ideas. We may have to adjust our attitude on what the public is buying or study our labor rates to be more competitive. Maybe simply be nicer to all our clients. It is a progression of learning. Failure is most always a forward positive. I'll admit some failures are quite devastating in business and life. But here you can start over with better insight of what not to do or how to do better and succeed the next attempt.

At times we may set goals too high. The pole vaulter may want to leep twelve feet off the ground. But starts at six feet clearance. When successful a number of times goes for seven feet and so on. Reaching their ultimate goal but in stages of multiple failures and success. Some things are not as simple as to learn hitting a nail on its head  rather than our thumb. 

Many adventures start with a thought, a concept. Fear of failure often stops the idea there. Don't stop. Continue forward. With each failure of assembly comes a new idea. A better way. Even if all works the first time. Look closely. What will make it better. More attempts, now a better product. A better life!

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-er. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain." 
Frank Herbert -Author of "Dune". -1965

The Light is with you. Step back, breathe, refocus. Absorb The Light. Commence forth. Anger of failure will help nothing. Worrying about failure will commit failure. 

Be concerned. Be focused. Think, Read, Learn. Think 

In Love and Light.  §Jairamon

Light is within us all and all things in the known Universe and beyond!


Please Note! and comments Seasonal Depression.

Dec 9, 2018 at 9:32pm

Greetings and Blessed Holidays.

I'd like to start with something near to me. Please, please when you hear or read about someones survival of hardships, do NOT pity them. 

For many to speak of matters in the past it takes us back thru the emotions. Maybe not as dark but still. Sometimes it even brings back Night Terrors. We get over it sooner than originally. It takes great strength and courage for us to speak of what we went through. Yes, for us it is a bit cathartic, but it may have taken us days, weeks or even years to even speak 

We don't put this to voice and paper for our sake. We do it for you! Take strength from us. We survived so can you. Speaking of our survival and our hardships is to give you hope, strength, and courage. This is our gift to you! So, please don't pity us, celebrate our survival. 

That said. Let's dig into seasonal depression. Northern North America is starting to succumb to numerous cloudy days in a row. This effects everyone to some degree, whether we admit it or not. If the brightest room in your house is your bathroom. Fine. Go there an read a book. Hit a tanning bed once a week for 10 minutes. Eat out even if it's, ugh, McDonald's. Better yet take the First Testament and go sit in a dinner for awhile. Rent a table, as it were.

Never forget that the Illuminati and Council 22 is here for you and watching out for you with Voices at iMark and Testimonials here and at iMark. Plus, re-read the archives at  Illuminati Official  or  Illuminati AM    Get out of the house. You can't bury it, you have to release it.

In Love and Light.      Jairamon

P.S. Please comment below what you do to clear your mind on cloudy days. We are here to help others!

Light is within us all and all things in the known Universe and beyond!



Webmaster Jairamon 
an initiate of the Illuminati