Secret Society. Yes! Why?

The Illuminati is a Secret Society. Why do they keep anonymous? The basic core is that none of the Brothers or Sisters that belong to this Enlightened group requires acclamations or acknowledgment.  For their tasks or accomplishments of doing really great things for the Human Species to be Protected and Advanced are reward enough.

How many people do you know that have stopped to help a disabled motorist; helped an elder couple load their car with heavy items; etc., that has refused acknowledgment? These fine humans have the mind set of the Illuminati.

Money is not the root of all bad things. Like most inanimate objects, it is not the object that is bad it is the user. You can be wealthy with Knowledge, Enlightenment and Spirit but that truly can only take you so far. Suddenly your neighbor loses their house to fire.  Only money can help them get under a warm roof with replaced clothing and food. You say it does not cost to have them in your house? I beg to differ. It cost about an extra $200 a month per head to have an additional household member. Food, electricity and laundry. This sadly is a harsh reality in our disposable world.

So yes, the Illuminati is a very Secret Society. Some members choose to be in the public eye to spot and recruit like-minded Humans. Others fear being judged by their “friends” for giving such a large amount of aide to Planet’s Population.

One of the most difficult occurrences of an altruistic giver is being taken advantage of. There are those that do not wish to stand on their on feet and grow. I seek those that are truly trying to make a better life for themselves. They need a momentary hand up. A kind word. Sometimes just a platonic hug. I am fortunately in a position to aide many on a daily basis. It is a pleasure to see a frown turn into a warm heartfelt smile. Most I never hear from again. Some will send a note a year later.

Sadly I have born witness to many taking advantage of people that are good at heart and gullible.



Webmaster Jairamon 
an initiate of the Illuminati