Decribing and defining the ways of the Illuminati!

First off let me please state that this is not an Official Illuminati website. Although I am a Illuminati Initiate. For Official Illuminati websites seek below herein.
This website is dedicated to Knowledge, Enlightenment, Abundance, Unification, and the Protection and Advancement of the Human Species.

We help you create the keys for you to unlock your potential!

Yes, The Scariest to most people is that the Illuminati wants Unification-
What does this really mean? To put it simply: You have watched Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. People are from a “Planet” not a Country. One Planet one people, No wars, no famine, no medical needs. Take the smartest and brightest to rule the whole planet. The Illuminati don’t want to run the operation - they want people to change their perspectives and be nice to each other.

 “The World needs to change its Perspective.
 That is only aim of the Illuminati!”

Knowledge: Can be dangerous. Befuddle the mind. By now I’m sure most are aware of the lies we were raised with about our history. George Washington didn’t really cut down the Cherry Tree, etc. This is mostly due to stories are written by the victors. Not the Losers.  You will know when you’ve gained some knowledge as the day will come that you will admit to yourself how stupid you are. That is a point of enlightenment.

Enlightenment: this can mean different things to different peoples perspective. For me this is the Light within us all and the universe. The energy that animates us and the Universe.

Abundance: This is where everyone has enough food to eat and is warm and dry.

Unification: Scary? Not at all in reality. The Illuminati are not offspring of Hitler or any other mad usurper. The core is “Be Nice” to each other. Help each other. When the giver Gives from the Heart they receive far more than the taker.

Protection and Advancement: Just as is stated. Help people help themselves. Help them advance, even if it means they will advance you. We all don’t process information the same. Sometimes, well, many times by helping another we gain more insight now advancing ourselves at the same time.



Webmaster Jairamon 
an initiate of the Illuminati